Big Toy squash ball machine, perfect partner of professional players and coaches best assistant. squash ball serving with remote control, lithium battery, multiple build-in programs, The squash ball warmer 80 balls capacity, and air heating system. We also sell badminton shuttlecock feeder, most importantly, with two years warranty and UK free shipping.

Squash Ball Machine - Big Toy
Product Parameters:

Remote Control

Remote control to choose from the different serving modes, frequency, speed, height, direction, and spin. Very handy!

Multi Squash Feeding Modes

Vertical and Horizontal Feeding, Cross (low drive and high crosscourt or high drive and low crosscourt), Random Feeding, Fixed Point, or Customized Feeding.

Effective ball heating system

80 Balls are heated through a small air tube and fan in the balls deposit.

AC and DC power supply

The Big Toy® Squash Ball Machine works with both AC and DC Supply; it can be used plugged or with its incorporated long lasting rechargeable battery (up to 4 hours)

24 months guarantee in pieces

Big Toy® Squash Ball Machine is the revolutionized ball machine with very sophisticated programs for squash training, as used by former World Number 5 and 2016 European Champion Borja Golán.
Squash Ball Machine Remote Control

Big Toy® Squash feeding Machine is great partner for players aiming to improve.




No one can feed as accurately as our squash feeding machine.

With the squash ball warmer system, you can practice pressure drills or accuracy shots (drops or volley drops). Combine your shots with ghosting and you will improve your accuracy under pressure.

Ball capacity
Ball speed range
Different programs

The great partner for squash coaching!


Squash Ball Machine is great for Squash Academies, Freelance Coaches, Squash Clubs, and Squash Campus.


Most importantly, the squash feeding machine will free the coach’s hands, they only need to stand beside to correct the player’s action.


With our squash ball serving machine kids will improve much faster with hit 80 balls in 120 seconds. Forget about interrupting the squash feeding after a missed shot 

Big Toy Squash Ball Machine Easy Carry

Ball Machine Tutorials

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Squash Ball Machine - Big Toy

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A squash ball machine, also known as a squash ball feeder or squash ball launcher, is a mechanical device designed to automatically feed squash balls.  Players use it during practice or training sessions. Squash players commonly use those machines for all skill levels. And to improve their game and work on various aspects of their gameplay. Here’s a description of a typical squash ball machine below:


Ball Feeding Mechanism: The core function of a squash ball machine is to deliver squash balls to the player at regular intervals. This is typically through a ball-feeding mechanism that can hold multiple squash balls. It releases balls at different intervals and trajectories. Moreover, they are simulating various game situations.

Adjustable Speed and Frequency: Most squash ball machines allow users to adjust the speed, and frequency of ball delivery. This flexibility allows players to practice at their own pace, and gradually increase the intensity of their training as they improve.

Variable Shot Angles: Advanced squash ball machines often offer the ability to change the angle when the ball serves. This allows players to practice shots from different areas.  In the court and work on their positioning and footwork.

Randomization: Some high-end models offer randomization features, which make the ball delivery less predictable. 

Remote Control: Many squash ball machines come with a remote control. It allows the player to start, stop, or adjust the machine’s settings from across the court. This convenience of during training the not interruptions making adjustments.

Portability: Squash ball machines are often designed to be portable and easy to transport. They may have built-in wheels or handles for easy maneuverability, making them suitable for use in different squash courts.

Power Source: These machines typically require a power source. Such as electricity or rechargeable batteries to operate. Battery-powered machines offer greater flexibility.

Durability and Construction: Squash ball machines are built to withstand the rigors of practice sessions. And may feature durable materials, and most importantly, construction to ensure longevity.

Accessories: Firstly, some machines come with additional accessories like a remote control, and secondly, a ball collection system, or carrying cases for added convenience.

In conclusion, Squash ball machines are valuable tools for squash players looking to improve their skills and moreover refine their technique.  

Certainly, here are some additional details:

Capacity: The ball-holding capacity of squash ball machines can vary from model to model. Our machines can hold 80 balls at a time.

Ball Elevation: Many machines allow users to adjust the elevation of the ball launch. This feature helps players practice different shot trajectories.

User-Friendly Interface: Modern squash ball machines often come with user-friendly control panels or interfaces, firstly, making it easy for players to program, and secondly, customize their practice sessions according to their specific needs.

Safety Features: Some machines incorporate safety features to prevent accidental injury. For example, they may have sensors or mechanisms to stop ball launch if a player gets too close to the machine.

Compatibility: The manufacturer designs squash ball machines to work with standard-size squash balls. They ensure compatibility with the equipment commonly using in the sport.

Cost and Models: There is a range of squash ball machine models available on the market, catering to different budgets and skill levels. Entry-level machines may offer basic functionality, while high-end models come equipped with advanced features and customization options.

Maintenance: Proper maintenance is essential to ensure longevity. Regular cleaning and lubrication of moving parts are necessary to keep the machine in good working condition.

Training Programs: Some advanced squash ball machines offer pre-programmed training routines designed to help players work on specific aspects of their game, such as accuracy, speed, or endurance.

Noise Level: It’s worth considering the machine, especially, if you plan to use it in an indoor court environment. Secondly, quieter machines may be preferred in such cases.

Warranty: When purchasing a squash ball machine. According to the manufacturer’s warranty. A warranty can provide peace of mind for 2 years.

Squash ball machines have become valuable tools for squash enthusiasts and professionals. Offering a convenient way to hone skills firstly, secondly improve consistency, and thirdly develop strategies on the court. When choosing the machine, it’s important to consider your specific training needs, budget, and most importantly features.