Micro-Computer controlled

Micro-computer LCD control main board, system self-checking when powered on, and automatic storage data when off.

For Tennis and Badminton

U-clamp with badminton and tennis dual use, special materials to contact with the racket.

Synchronizing Clip System

Octagonal work plate with synchronous racket clipping system

4 Kinds of pre-stretch & 3 Stringing speeds

Easy to switch! The machine keeps 4 Kinds of pre-stretch and 3 stringing speeds in its memory. 

With 24 months guarantee in pieces

Any quality problem will be replaced in pieces for 2 years.
4 Kinds of pre-stretch
10lb -
Pounds adjust area
Times works without any fault

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Racket clipping system:

  • Mobile six-point racket clipping, fast and uniform stress with a round work table.
  • Rotary toolbox, convenient to take tools.
  • U-clamp with badminton and tennis dual use, using special materials to contact with the racket, no hurting and convenient to string.
  • Patent anti-sliding clamp base system, not accidental loosening after locking, durable, no fault;


Clamp system:

  • Adopt a 5-teeth clamp, suitable for both badminton and tennis, treated with hardening and anti-aging, clip tightly, and no slipping.
  • We are adjusting the nut for different string diameters.
  • With a lever fast handle system, no accidental bouncing or losing.


Length:47CM  Width:100CM  Height:110CM (can increase 10CM with extra column)

Color: Black 

G.W.: 55KG



The machine’s functions are the same as the Yonex Protech 8 Deluxe stringing machine but

the price is reasonable and perfect quality.


What's extra in the package box?

3/4/5/6 mm Allen Wrench * 1

Diagonal Pliers * 1

Clipping Pliers * 1

Starting Clamp * 1

Hood * 1

Awl * 1

High Pounds Protector * 1

Badminton U-Clamp * 1

Power cable * 1


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