We sell badminton shuttlecock feeder,squash ball machine,feather shuttlecock.It’s your best training partner and assistant! Click through to buy or enquire about our badminton shuttlecock feeder with two years warranty and free shipping.

badminton shuttlecock feeder
Feeder Parameters:

Remote Control

Intelligent full remote control to choose from the different serving modes and ball frequency, speed, horizontal and vertical angle.

Multiple Serving Modes

Vertical and Horizontal Feeding, Cross Feeding, Random Feeding, Fixed Point or Customized Feeding.

Suitable for any type of shuttlecocks

Friendly work with any type of shuttlecocks, Feather shuttles,Nylon shuttles and Plastic shuttles, whatever you use.

Battery & AC Supply and Electric lifting

AC and DC power supply. Up to 4 hours rechargeable Lithium-Battery.

Electric lifting 0-70CM highly extension. 

With 24 months guarantee in pieces

Big Toy® badminton shuttlecock feeder is the revolutionized ball machine with very sophisticate programs for badminton training, as used by Dan Lin, Nhat many top world palyers.

The best training partner. Make you more professional! 

No one can feed as accurate as the badminton shuttlecock feeder.

Consequent smash serve, the perfect way that player practice defense.

With the feeder practice lots of drop, drive shot. Combine your fake, deceptive slice even trick. You will improve your accuracy for each return.

Perfect badminton training equipment. Training to win!

Shuttle capacity
20 -
Shuttle Speed Range
Multi-Points Programs

The great badminton training equipment for coaching!


The badminton shuttlecock feeder is great for Badminton Academies, Freelance Coaches, Badminton Clubs and Badminton Academy.

Kids will have fun and improve much faster with the chance to hit 180 balls in 300 seconds.

It will free coach’s hands, they can stand beside watch and correct player’s action.



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